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About LifeBreath

The LifeBreath Technique

 LifeBreath is a high level, transformational tool that uses "breath" to assist people in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey. It is both powerful and spiritual in nature and based on a mixture of ancient breathing methods.

The Four Main Benefits

Physically, LifeBreath helps us  recharge, energize and rejuvenate through drawing large quantities of chi/energy/prana through our deep breathing method. 

Mentally, LifeBreath facilitates focus, concentration and clarity, both during and after a session. 

Emotionally, LifeBreath helps us let go of the past, not worry about the future and learn to live in the present moment - more peacefully and lovingly. 

And spiritually, LifeBreath helps to plug in, often giving us a sense of connection and great peace.  For thousands of years, sages of ancient civilizations have used the powerful science and inner art of breathing to master the human conditions of fear and illness and for attaining spiritual enlightenment.

Founded by Beth Bielat

Founded in 1990, Beth has facilitated thousands of people from all walks of life, helping them on their journey - teaching  and empowering them to lead healthier, happier more loving lives. She has also trained over 100 facilitators to share her work. 

LifeBreath Personal Growth and Facilitator Training

October 2020
Andover, Maine
Please call  or write for details and pricing

Winter 2020 Florida Training

Intro to LifeBreath

Introduction to LifeBreath by Beth Bielat at the 2018 Mainely Women Retreat at Tarry-A-While in Bridgton, Maine

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