Beth Bielat

My name is Beth Bielat and I feel blessed to share LifeBreath with you. LifeBreath is a culmination of decades studying many modalities of breath, meditation, holistic health and healing methods, martial arts, fitness,  and energy work. I developed LifeBreath with, what I consider, the best of these practices, through trial, observation and thousands of sessions.

45 Years in the Making

I began my Martial Arts practice when I was ten years old. Discipline, dedication, and the love of movement with breathing techniques enthralled me. I started Transcendental Meditation when I was  a young teenager and practiced daily.  After marrying the love of my life (an amazing martial artist and outdoor enthusiast), I began reading every psycho- spiritual book I could get my hands on for decades. Then I was blessed to be able to study under amazing masters in powerful practices - Course in Miracles, Reiki, Carolyn Myss, Louise Haye, Wayne Dyer, Andrew Weil and many martial arts masters.  And masters in breathwork  too-  Wave Breathing, Transformational Breathing, Hang Sa, Sanchin, Yin Yang, pranayama, triune, and others. LifeBreath is the culmination of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that I learned from studying and practicing for the last 45 years. 

What to Expect

Each LifeBreath session is different. We are all working on life's challenges, trying to balance, heal, and find peace. A session can be as simple as a very deep sense of calm and relaxation. Other sessions can be life-changing and cathartic. As we progress through a guided session, different waves of energy, brought in through deep breathing and mental intention/focus, are experienced.  Tingling energy (chi/prana) can be felt. Mentally, altered states of consciousness can be experienced. Emotions may be released and "breathed out". A spiritual sense of connection often occurs. 

The Three Wishes inspired by LifeBreath

Practicioners of LifeBreath often speak of it's life changing effects. This is why we began teaching the three wishes:
1. Experience the powerful energy inspired by LifeBreath
2. Become a better everyday "breather" so that you have more daily energy, feel more at peace, and live a happier healthier life.
3. Add this transformational technique to your wellness toolbox to help reduce stress and create peace and harmony in your life

Beth's Bio


Mainely Women, Founder

37 years as a fitness professional

49 years as  Martial Artist

27 years as a Life Coach and Certified Nutritional Counselor

LifeBreath Institute, Founder

Bushido Karate Dojo and Fitness Center, Founder

Author and Speaker

Tai Chi / Chi Kung Instructor

Group Exercise Videos

World Karate Union Hall of Fame

7th degree black belt

Martial Arts Women of the year 2013

National Fitness Trainer of the year nominee 2013

Fitness Professional and manager at the Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, Florida
(Voted the number one healthiest club in America in 2014)

Fitness Director for Joan’s Camp Reveille

Personal trainer, group exercise instructor, Spin, Cycle, Yoga, Tai Chi, TRX, Tabata Boot Camp, Step, Martial Arts Instructor, Self Defense, Transformational Breath Coach, LifeBreath Coach, and Nutritional Counseling.

Mom, Grandmother, devoted wife, outdoor enthusiast including cycling, hiking, canoeing, backpacking and swimming, healthy cooking devotee and a strong believer in spirituality and faith. My husband and I are living off the grid and building a log home from scratch with logs from our property.