about LifeBreath

Physical Rejuvenation

The LifeBreath Technique can be physically rejuvenating, energizing, healing, and can help manage pain, as well as, enhance performance and assist in graceful aging.

Mental Clarity and Focus

Concentration, focus, mental clarity, and better mental performance are created when we tap into the "relaxation response", created through the deep breathing of the LifeBreath Technique.

Emotional Well-Being & Healing

Every life experience is registered in our body, mind and soul. LifeBreath helps us to let go of the past, stop worrying about the future,
and find JOY in each moment.

Spiritual Connection

We have used breathing techniques for thousands of year to connect to our spirit. The very act of breathing connects the body with life. And when we use specialized breathing patterns,
we can tap into the spirit,
often finding true peace,
love and harmony.

Stress and Pain Reduction

Almost every stress reduction and pain management course teaches some kind of breathing technique. Once learned, LifeBreath assists in the reduction of stress (using the relaxation response) and physical release to help
with pain management. 

Life Changing

LifeBreath practitioners often have life changing experiences. This occurs during facilitated sessions, personal private sessions
and/or during reflection
after a session.    

LifeBreath Testimonials


WOW...I can't even put to words the energy I felt. And everything Beth said might happen, did....tingling, emotional release, clarity and I even feel like angels were all around me.


I think I just released a whole lifetime of pent up emotions and pain. I feel a thousands pounds lighter and I'm ready to face life with a renewed energy and commitment. 


I believe this experience made me realize God is real, loving and at my side. 

I not only felt the presence of my loved ones, I saw my mother and father who have passed.

Most Amazing

That was the most amazing experience I've ever had. I have been meditating all my adult life and I just went places I could not have imagined. 


I have been doing LifeBreath for over ten years and every time is different for me. I feel as though I have healed so much of my past, become healthier and happier, and have a renewed faith in life. Thank you!

Most Powerful

I have fallen in love with LifeBreath. It's the most powerful tool I have ever experienced. 

I use LifeBreath for my competitive edge and getting ready for my training in sports AND business.